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the key to happiness

last night I had a crazy anxiety attack around midnight and went into a deep black hole of an existential crisis that mostly involved me wondering if i was going to die alone, if my life had already peaked, and if i would ever find someone to love… you know, that kind of thing. it wasn’t fun. eventually i fell asleep. this morning i woke up and immediately went to a really intense yoga class and then walked down to the ocean and swam laps (well, as much as you can call them laps when you are in the ocean) for about an hour and right now? i feel fucking fantastic.

yesterday i didn’t exercise at all. today, i did.

i guess what i am trying to say here is sometimes the key to happiness is working out your body, because it manages to work out your mind as well. i mean i know we all know this, and annoying fitness models on the cover of Shape magazine tell us this, but i can’t help but be amazed how true it is, or at least how applicable this theory is for my life.

oh, also getting a xanax prescription REALLY helps.