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so i’m about to stay up and write until this draft of this THING is done and that could mean ALL NIGHT or it could mean two hours i have no idea. what are you guys doing and what music do you listen to when you need to stay awake and focus and be productive? normally i write to electronic stuff, things that make me want to dance, things that are upbeat, put me in a good mood…

recently i’ve been writing (and living) to a lot of newer indie stuff like Haim, St. Lucia, Daughter, Tanlines, MS MR, Electric Guest, Tennis, Hot Chip, Poolside, Baio, Teen Daze, Summer Camp, Baio, Mr. Little Jeans, DIamond Rings, Metronomy, Kisses, Wildcat! Wildcat!, Brothertiger, Kate Boy, Solange, Calvin Harris, Adrian Lux

but i also love cranking classics like the talking heads, fleetwood mac, huey lewis, bob marley & the wailers (the early trenchtown stuff), steely dan, melanie (been on a HUGE melanie kick recently), fela kuti, hank williams, queen, david bowie, the beatles…

anyway. If you were about to stay up for four hours (or more) and write, what music would you write to?

First Listen: Hot Chip “In Our Heads”


Stream the entire new Hot Chip album “In Our Heads” over at NPR.  Its available for a limited time only.  Click Here to give it a listen.

Hot Chip also recently took over BBC Radio 1 for a couple hours to play some of their favorite tunes.  You can check that out here.

Still can’t get enough Hot Chip?  They are playing the Hollywood Bowl on September 9th with Passion pit.  Tickets available here.

Love Hot Chip so hard. So excited for the new album!